Word-Gym has just begun.

The game starts at Level 5 and the level will adjust either higher or lower.

This rack has 12 tiles with which to make words. You can see that there are 165 possible words on this board.

You are competing with Lex, your computer opponent, to see who can make 8 words first.

Hit the last letter of your word a second time to submit it, or hit the "Submit Word" button. If you make an invalid word, you will have to hit "Replace Tiles" to start a new word.


The game is underway, you have entered 7 words and need one more to win. Lex has entered 5 words as indicated by the red highlighting. Lex’s background will become more insistent as he gets closer to winning.

Whenever you play a word, its definition is shown. Your last play was “node” and its definition is shown.
If Lex makes one of your words that word is removed from your list. If you make one of Lex’s, his word will be removed.

You still have 157 possible words.

You can pause the game if you are interrupted.





The game has ended and you have edged out Lex with your eighth word “dimmer”.
You can now view the definition of any of your words by tapping them.

You can view Lex’s words and see their definitions. And you can see the full list of words that you could have entered.

Your level is unchanged, but if you win more frequently or more dominantly, you will advance your level; if you lose too much, your level will decrease.

You can begin a new game by pressing the New Game button.



Word-Gym has many options.
There are two main types of games: you can use any of your letter tiles, or you can use only tiles adjacent to a tile you’ve already used. Try it with any tile first, but after you get used to it, try “Only Adjacent Tiles”.
For any tiles, the game works best with rack sizes of 8 or 12 letters to work with. For Adjacent it works best with 12 or 16 letters.

You can allow instant wins if you (or Lex) get a bingo, a word of 7 or more letters. You can include or exclude the shorter 3 letter words.
You can adjust the level of Lex’s play, but it’s better if you let Lex self-adjust.