We are beginning a game.

The Board has 7 letters which can be used to make Words.  The center letter MUST be used in each word, and the other letters can be used once or more. You make words by pressing the letters and then hitting the OK button and Backspace with the BACK button.

We have made four words shown in black and we're working on "FUROR"..  You can see that we have four correct words so far, both from the score in the upper right corner and the Word-Level bar across the top which shows our progress.  When we can't find any more words, we can hit the "END" button in the upper left corner. This will display the remaining words in red. 

Note: This version does not allow words longer than seven letters.

We have now ended our game and the remaining words we didn't find are shown in red.

We have selected one of the words, "PROFFER" and clicked it, and we are shown its definition in the box.

Note that the "END" button has changed to "NEW" and we can start a new game by clicking it.

It's amazing how difficult it is to come up with words of five letters or more! It can help to memorize the letters and de-focus and see what words come to you.