Also known as Gym-Gram

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Aug 21, 2015, 11.15.41 AM

We are beginning a game.

The Board has 5 tiles which can be used to make 14 Words.  The words are arranged by their length first and then alphabetically and there are 12 three letter words and two four letter words.

There is an Checkmark Button will submit your word and the BackArrow Button will replace the last letter on the rack.  You can also submit your word by tapping the last letter tile a second time.

There is an optional timer in the upper right so you can play against the clock.

We have begun the game and played all but five words.  

The last word we submitted was "DAM" and because it is a valid word it's definition is presented.  You can also tap any of the completed words to bring up a definition of that word.

You have 1 minute and 14 seconds left, and you have 280 points so far.  

The Gear Button in the top right will bring up the Options available.

The H button also in the top right will bring up a history of your game playing and some statistics.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Aug 21, 2015, 11.16.22 AM

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Aug 21, 2015, 11.16.43 AM

The game has ended.  

The words that you were unable to form from the tiles are shown in red. And you can tap on any of the words to get a definition of them.  

As you can see at the bottom, your score on this board was not good enough to advance to the next game.  If your score for this game exceeded your previous scores it will be saved as Your Best Score. 

You can begin a new game by pressing the New Game button at the top of the screen.


Gym-Gram has many options.

You can set different Scoring options. Relaxed Game will allow you to play with no time constraints.Points and Time for Extra Words will give you extra points and extra time (if it's a timed game) for words that you find that aren't on the board.  Many obscure words are included in the wordlist but are not put on the boards... and if you find one, you'll get extra points. If you complete a board before the time is up, Accumulate Board Time will allow you to add that time to your allotment for the next board.

You can manage the selection of words. We are working to develop word lists in different languages. You can have GymGram include every three or four letter word in its dictionary when it builds the boards, or even *every* word.
Words are selected by their frequency of use and you can Show Word Frequency (this rating ranges from 1, the most frequent and common words, to 6, the very obscure words).

Practice mode is designed to improve your scrabble-type game skills by letting you specify the number of tiles and the word size on the boards.

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